Remi & Tyler Ennis
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Shoot to Retrieve I
December 15, 2018

Photography by Verland Nolta and Randy Domingos

We got to watch a lot of good dog work!  Especially enjoyed watching the younger dogs working.  There were some "older" dogs that proved they still have plenty of drive and enthusiasm to find those birds.

Thanks to everyone who came out that participated and volunteered!!!   We had some really great volunteers today.  It was really nice that the newer members stepped up and helped all day.   Our events could not happen without volunteers.   


Open Pointer


1st Place - Stout & Bryan Bonas (Mike Moran handled)
2nd Place -Petey & Joe Artes 
3rd Place - Goose & Patrick Sluder


Open Retriever


1st Place - Bodie & Joe Scalisi
2nd Place - Remi & Tyler Ennis
3rd Place - Dakota & John  Segoria


Companion Retriever


1st Place - Decoy & Pam Felgenhauer
2nd Place - Reed & Pam Felgenhauer


Fastest time finding first bird


Eleanor & Mary Sarmiento in 57 seconds


It was a fun and successful day!

On to the 2019 Shoot to Retrieve II